Paws on Deck



Animals love Kleber. Butterflies land on him and even mosquitoes respect him. Originally from Ecuador, Kleber grew up in the Bronx where most landlords did not allow pets, so he owned fish instead. “But you can’t put a leash on a fish and take it for a walk,” he says. Kleber spent his career as a graphic designer working with companies such as Paramount Publishing, Starwood Hotels and Resorts and Major League Soccer. As a boy, he loved the idea of having a farm and the many dogs that he couldn’t have as a child, even if they weren’t his own. He has cut the leash of the corporate world and opened up Dog Meadow to provide daycare and boarding for dogs.


A person with boundless energy, Kleber is described by some of his close friends as effervescent and as someone that can do anything he sets his mind to. He attended The High School of Music and Art in Manhattan and has a Bachelors Degree from Parsons School of Design. He is an artist with training in the fine arts, as well as an accomplished photographer. Along with photography, he looks forward to rekindling his love for drawing and painting.

Lady Lily, Poodle (Mostly)


 Originally from the streets of Queens, NY with a “I-will-eat-just-about-anything-so-don’t-ask-me-if-I’m-hungry,” attitude, Lily is a nonstop watchdog. “Yeah, go ahead and drop that piece of kale. I’ll make it disappear.” At the age of 12, she has retired from her watchdog/mail carrier-harrassing position to a quieter life in the country. 

She is great with people, and if that mail carrier ever crossed the living room threshold, he would be met with lots of kisses. Lily is always ready to provide you with some love when you need it, or maybe because in her little poodle brain she thinks you might have a treat in your pocket.

Handsome Jack, Treeing Walker Coonhound


A rescue from Nashville, Jack, came to us as a prospective foster. No sooner than being introduced, he instantly became an integral part of the family. After getting over some of his separation anxiety, (he ate the armrests of our leather chair), he has somewhat adjusted to us going out for groceries, but is annoyed with us for being left out. We hope someday he’ll understand. 

Named after my wife Laura’s dad, he enjoys leaping like a gazelle through the pastures of Dog Meadow and greeting everyone as if it’s the first time he’s met them. He sits, he stays (somewhat), runs like crazy, gets all worked up, and loves his naps and cuddles. He even knows how to hug like a human, wrapping his arms around you.